The development process of the graphics design services

Review the Design Brief

Read through the design brief several times. Ascertain the client’s budget and deadline for delivering the project assets. .

Research and Discovery

Research will make you a better designer, saving you a lot of thinking time. This step is crucial. You’ll become more engaged with the client’s needs, making your design far superior than the rest.

Brainstorm and Sketch Concepts

Now is the time to pull all your ideas together. Start by creating symbols or motifs. Explore and test typefaces and keep in mind the latest logo and graphic design trends when you’re working.

Build On Your Concepts

Develop 3 to 5 different finished concepts to give your client some choice. They should be easy to digitalise since you created the sketches.

Evolve and Iterate Your Concept

The client may want you to mix and match from all concepts you have presented or come up with something entirely.It’s not unusual for clients to make requests for little design tweaks.


You’re done. In traditional agencies, designs can take months to develop and finalize with a client. Here at DesignCrowd, it takes a few hours to a few days to complete the handover phase.